Honors Commander of China’s Conflict with India, Find Out Who’s Who and What’s Posted

The real villain of the Indo-China clash, General Zhao Jongqi, has been given an important place by the Xi Jinping government. The former top PLA commander has been appointed deputy chairman of the influential foreign affairs committee of China’s parliament (National Plex Congress). Zhao has been on the Tibetan border with India for two decades. Zhao, 65, was the head of Western Command during the Ladakh standoff in 2017 and the Ladakh standoff in 2020.

He said that the retirement age of the top general of the army under PLF rules is 3 years. Zhao has been appointed ahead of the NPC’s annual meeting from March 3. The NPC and its advisory body, the Chinese CPPCC, meet once a year. Zhao ordered the Chinese army to attack the Galvan Valley. General Zhao Jongqi has had many tensions with India in the past.

It is said that General Zhao wanted to teach India a lesson of closer ties with the US, although it fell heavily on China as India killed more than 40 Chinese soldiers where 20 soldiers were killed. In addition to Zhao, General Wang Ning, who has so far been the head of the armed police force, has been appointed deputy chairman of the NPC Committee on the Constitution and Law.

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