Honda will boost business in India, export abroad, build left-hand drive cars

The vehicles of Honda Cars, a legendary Japanese car manufacturer, are very popular in India. The company will start exporting the 8th generation left-hand drive model of its sedan segment car Honda City to countries where left-hand drives. In addition, Honda Cars India is now producing left-hand side drive cars in India as well. This is the first time the company is producing a left-hand drive model in India for export.

According to HCIL (Honda Cars India Limited), the company will further strengthen its commitment to the Government of India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative by producing left-handed side-drive cars. It may be recalled that the company has also shipped the first batch of the car to Middle Eastern countries from Pipavav Port in Gujarat and Ennore Port in Chennai. The company has also started exporting 5th generation Honda City cars. Honda Cars has been exporting new Honda City right-hand drive models to South Africa since August 2020. The company has been shipping the car to Nepal and Bhutan since October.

According to media reports, the company’s Honda City sedan has captured 41 per cent stake in the category since December 2020. According to Honda, the car managed to increase the total sales of its segment by 10 per cent between July and December. The Honda Citycar sold at 45,277 units in the July-December period last year, while a total of 41,122 units were scattered during the same period in 2019. According to the company, the 5th generation Honda City is priced at Rs 10,996.7 lakh ex-showroom in India.

Talking about its most popular model Honda City in India, Gaku Nakanishi, President and CEO of the company, sets the benchmark in the sedan segment of India. Exporting its left-wing models to countries outside India is a great opportunity on our part to strengthen India’s trade. The company has invested in making the island-based manufacturing plant world-class and lined, Gaku Nakanishi said. Both right hand and left hand drive can be modeled in this plant. Which will help us to meet the demands of Indian consumers and international consumers.

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