Holidays in banks / will open after so many days now Banks, ATMs may also have problems with cash

All private and public sector banks in the country will reopen in two days. Then now there may be a shortage of cash in the ATM. In fact all banks will have Durga Puja on Monday and Dussehra holiday on Tuesday. Let it be known that the bank was closed on Saturday i.e. today. However, the bank said that the required cash has been filled in all the ATMs. At the same time, if the cash runs out in the ATM during the holidays, the work of depositing the required cash will continue.

The special team of all the banks will continue to withdraw cash during the holidays

Banks have said that outsourcing agencies will be used to re-cash all ATMs when they run out of cash so that customers do not run out of cash. In addition, banks have formed a special team of their employees, who will go to refill ATMs when the cash runs out. In the meantime, online payment transactions will continue.

All banks have asked their customers to keep adequate amount of cash till Dussehra. SBI, the country’s largest bank, has said that if any ATM runs out of cash, any customer can call the toll-free number provided in the cabin and report it. Bank of India has also said that if you run out of money at the ATM, please report to the toll free number so that cash can be deposited in the ATM machine.


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