Have you forgotten about LIC policy? Don’t even remember the amount? How to get back? Read on to find out

MUMBAI: Life Insurance Corporation of India has lost crores of rupees for which no one has made a claim and policyholders have forgotten. This amount belongs to a policy whose policy has not been carried forward and the policyholder has forgotten it. Often people buy a new policy, but can’t afford it. The policyholder in Teva understands that his money will not be returned and it has been confiscated. In Teva, LIC is offering a facility in which the money can be withdrawn.

Along with these LICs, there are many private sector companies across the country which have crores of rupees in their accounts. Which no claimant has. The money in LIC’s account is deposited in the form of Death Claim, Survival Benefits, Premium Fund, Indemnity Claim or Maturity Claim, which people have forgotten after depositing.

If you have ever taken a LIC policy and your money is idle with LIC, you can withdraw that money. However there are some definite periods to get this money back. The money is then declared unclaimed property or unclaimed property. You can also find out online how much money you have deposited with LIC.

Learn how to claim your money deposited in LIC

For that you have to go to the official website of LIC of India. You can find out how much money is deposited in your LIC account by clicking on Unclaimed Policy Debt here. https://licindia.in/Bottom-Links/Unclaimed-Policy-Dues By clicking on this link you will be taken directly to the page where you can find information about unclaimed money.

After visiting this page you will have to fill in the details of your policy and after that you will get the information about how much money you have deposited in LIC, including the policy number, date of birth and pen card information. The policy number at the top, followed by your name, then your date of birth below it. At the end you have to give your pen number and then after submitting you will get the information of your money.

This money can also be claimed online. LIC has also launched a special campaign to withdraw money. This campaign is for revival. This means that if you have taken the policy for several days and then could not continue, you can revive it. The campaign will run until March 6, 2021. You can get more information about this from the branch office.

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