Has the series been officially cancelled?

Fans of the hit animated series ‘Infinity Train’ are taking to Twitter to voice their concerns that season 4 has been officially cancelled.

When Infinity Train first premiered on YouTube back in 2017, not many of us thought that it would grow into such a global success.

However, thanks to wonderful character development and some smart, yet thought-provoking storytelling, Infinity Train became a series loved by millions around the world.

Season 3 of Infinity Train concluded on HBO Max in late-August 2020, but many fans are concerned that the show could be derailed before we ever get a fourth season.

Infinity Train season 4: Renewal status

  • At the time of writing, Infinity Train has not been renewed for a fourth season, nor has it been officially cancelled by HBO Max and Cartoon Network.

Whilst fans on social media are claiming the series has been officially cancelled, there doesn’t appear to be any sources to these claims. Officially, the series is still in limbo between renewal and cancellation.

On one hand, Infinity Train remains incredibly popular with fans around the world and Owen Dennis, the shows creator, has said that the series could run “up to season eight.”

However, Dennis has revealed that Infinity Train is actually at risk of being cancelled by HBO and that most of the crew had actually been moved on to other projects because HBO had yet to make a formal decision on Book 4.

Infinity Train could get picked up for more, but only if it gets a lot of views on HBO Max. If the show gets picked up for more, then I’d love to make more and hire back as many people as we could. If it doesn’t, then I am but tears in the rain.” – Owen Dennis, via io9.

Interestingly, there is an image of a message between staff members for Infinity Train circulating social media. The message states that “the show is ending”, but at the time of writing, it is unclear if this is a reliable source.

Infinity Train season 4: Release date

  • If Infinity Train is renewed for a fourth season, we would expect it to premiere in April 2021.

The first three seasons have worked on a, roughly, six-month production cycle, which would put the premiere in January 2021.

However, as most of the Infinity Train crew have moved onto other projects, we would imagine season 4 would need another few months to be produced.

Infinity Train on Cartoon Network…

At the time of writing, there is no word on whether or not Infinity Train will ever return to Cartoon Network.

Whilst Infinity Train is yet to be formally renewed for a fourth season, many fans are still wishing the series would return to Cartoon Network, the shows parent and original network.

If HBO Max is still 50/50 on whether to renew the show or not, there is a possibility that Cartoon Network could sweep in to save the production of season 4.

The issue here is the subject matter, which is decidedly darker and more adult in season 3. As Owen Dennis himself points out to io9, the show is marketed as a kids show, when it is actually garnered towards teens.

“It’s pretty hard to sell the idea of, ‘Yeah, so we wanna make a story about these teens who lead a cult and don’t view anyone around them as living so they just kill and maim…That’s cool, right?’” – Owen Dennis, via io9.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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