Has Agents of SHIELD been removed from Disney Plus? New parental controls affect shows!

Fans of Agents of SHIELD will have noticed the show’s seemingly been removed from Disney Plus. Read on to find out what’s really happened.

Agents of SHIELD has only been on the Disney streaming service for a matter of weeks and its already disappeared for some users. Since yesterday, February 22nd, users have noticed that show has seemingly gone, with many citing ‘parental restrictions’ as what is preventing them.

“Wait hold up, they’ve removed Agents of SHIELD from Disney Plus, I’m so mad,” tweeted one user.

So, has it been removed? Well, no.


Has Agents of SHIELD been removed from Disney Plus?

Fans of the show can sigh a breath of relief as the removal seems to be a glitch. Disney Plus are in the process of rolling out new parental control options, which allows users to select one of many levels, including 14+, 16+, etc.

As well as that, mature content is being added to Disney Star while it releases today, February 23rd.

Unfortunately, it seems some shows which are rated 16+, including Agents of SHIELD and The Wolverine, have been caught in the change and are being shown as restricted by parental controls when they’re not.

It may however be worth double-checking what parental controls your account is currently set to. Users will need to set their controls to 16+ to be able to view Agents of SHIELD on Disney Plus.

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When will it be fixed?

The new parental controls roll out today, February 23rd, so it’s important to keep checking as the roll out occurs, as its likely the glitch will fix alongside it.

In fact, some users have already reported that Agents of SHIELD is no longer removed on Disney Plus for them.

This is why it’s necessary to check your parental controls, in case the removal is down to your current settings changing after the new ones have been added.

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