Has a Hudson & Rex season 3 UK air date been confirmed yet?

Has a Hudson & Rex season 3 UK air date been confirmed yet? The season has already premiered in the US, so let’s consider when to expect it on Alibi.

Another year of television got off to a promising start in the first couple of months of 2021, with the return of beloved favourites and exciting new offerings.

In the UK, audiences were invited to continue the journey with the dynamic duo of Hudson & Rex.

The Canadian police procedural premiered on Citytv in March 2019 and is actually based on an Italian-Austrian series called Inspector Rex.

In this latest version, how Detective Charlie Hudson (played by John Reardon) and his four-legged friend came to partner up is mysterious. Well, until season 3 that is.

So, when can UK viewers check out Hudson & Rex season 3?

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Has a Hudson & Rex season 3 UK air date been confirmed?

  • No, a UK air date for Hudson & Rex season 3 is yet to be confirmed.

Back in August 2020, it was announced that Alibi had picked up both seasons 1 and 2 of Hudson & Rex to screen in the UK. This was roughly four months after season 2 had already concluded its run on Citytv and production on season 3 had recently begun.

Season 1 premiered on Alibi in October 2020 at 7pm with a double-bill and episodes have continued like that since. Season 2 began airing on Sunday, January 10th 2021.

Considering Alibi only picked up the series after season 2 had aired, it’s perhaps a little difficult to determine when season 3 may arrive in the UK.

As can be the case with TV shows, new episodes sometimes air in other territories shortly after the season has wrapped on its original network.

If episodes of season 3 continue to air weekly on Citytv without delay, it should finish airing in late April 2021. So, maybe Hudson & Rex season 3 will arrive on Alibi sometime in the summer.

Nevertheless, there is no news just yet.

Hudson & Rex season 3: How many episodes?

Season 3 of Hudson & Rex is made up of 16 episodes in total.

The first season was made up of 13 and the second of 19, as a few episodes intended to conclude season 1 were actually pushed back and ended up introducing season 2.

As of yet, Hudson & Rex has not been renewed for season 4.

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