Government gives permission for onion export, but conditions apply ….

New Delhi: The government has taken an important decision in the interest of onion growers. Today, the government has allowed limited export of onion variety Bangalore Rose and Krishnapuram variety. The government has allowed 31 per cent of the above two types of onions to be exported by 10-10 thousand metric tonnes by 2021, for conditional concessions. Director General of Foreign Trade Amit Yadav has given this information in a statement. Industry and Commerce Ministry Piyush Goyal said the government’s decision would empower farmers and increase their income.

The government had banned the export of onion to curb rising prices in the country. Export of Bangalore Rose Onions will be allowed only from Chennai Port and export should be completed by March 31, 20201. For this, exporters will have to get a certificate from the Horticulture Commissioner to the Karnataka government. Export of Krishnapuram onion can also be done only from Chennai port. For this, exporters will have to get a certificate from the Andhra Pradesh government.

In which countries are onions exported?

Farmers in Karnataka had requested the Center to allow the export of 10,000 tonnes of Bangalore Rose Variety onions to protect it from crop damage. Farmers in Bangalore Rural, Kolar and Chikkaballapur districts have produced more than 10,000 tonnes of this variety of onion this year. This variety is exported to Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan as it is not in high demand in the domestic market.

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