Good news for BSNL users, great opportunity to clear half of the bill


BSNLGood for the users OfferHas been announced. Where you can clear the dew by depositing half of the total standing bill. There are tens of thousands of postpaid, broadband and landline users whose total bill has gone up and the bill has not been paid yet, which often leads to disconnection of connections, thus stopping their incoming and outgoing. Such users can now avail this offer from BSNL and clear Total Deuce with a lot of savings. Such users will be given a ‘No dues’ certificate from BSNL and will be able to avail the services of BSNL again. However, there are many terms and conditions.

Different categories


Let BSNL know that this offer has been announced by BSNL Kolkata and is for a limited time. Users in this area can avail this offer. It is pertinent to mention here that BSNL subscribers are divided into different categories and users are being given different discounts in each category. There are five categories in total, the first of which is those who have not submitted the bill after March 31, 2020, they will not be given any discount from BSNL. There users have not submitted a bill for the last two years. They will get 10% discount on total outstanding bill deposit.

This will get 50% discount


BSNL subscribers who have not submitted their bill for the last 3 years will get 25% discount on the total amount. There will be BSNL subscribers in the fourth category who have not paid their bills for the last 5 years, in which users will get a 30% discount on the total outstanding amount. The biggest beneficiaries will be those who have not paid their bills for more than 5 years and will get a 50% discount.

This will not benefit

Only ordinary customers can avail this offer of BSNL. Government or government enterprises will not get the benefit. The defaulter of BSNL can deposit money in the online transaction through NEFT or RTGS at the dedicated branch of BSNL Kolkata. You can call 9433000666 for more information.

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