Gold has become cheaper by Rs 5,500 this month, find out what the new prices are

Above the international level DollarsIn a growing world of demand Gold prices Is constantly declining. However, gold prices rallied after buying in overseas markets on Tuesday. Its impact is also being felt in the domestic bullion market. In Delhi’s bullion market, the price of 10 grams of gold has risen to Rs 663. In the meantime, silver prices have risen by Rs 1,321. Experts said that the overseas market as well as the domestic futures market saw a rally in gold on Tuesday. Investors are eyeing the debate between the US presidential candidates. Apart from that, there is also a look at the bill attached to the relief package in America.

New gold prices

According to HDFC Securities, 99.9 per cent pure gold rose by Rs 663 to Rs 51,367 per 10 grams. In its previous session, gold closed at Rs 50,704 per 10 grams at the end of trading on Monday.

New prices of silver

Like gold, silver prices have also risen. On Tuesday, silver rose by Rs 1,321 to Rs 61,919 per kg. A day earlier, silver had closed above Rs 60,598 per kg on Monday.

Why such a rise in gold and silver prices

Tapan Patel, a senior analyst at HDFC Securities, said 24-carat gold rose by Rs 663 in Delhi’s bullion market. This reflects the boom in the international market. He said the rupee’s weakness would also have an impact on gold prices. The domestic futures market saw a slight rally in early gold trading. On the MCX, gold for delivery in October rose by Rs 67, or 0.13 per cent, to Rs 50,200 per 10 grams. On Monday, the October futures closed above Rs 50,133 per 10 grams. Silver also rose on Tuesday. In early trade on the MCX, it rose by Rs 289, or Rs 0.48, to Rs 60,685 per kg.

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