Get to know the testimony of an expert – India vs. China Why not as aggressive

Recently, two Republican lawmakers, Tam Tiffany and Scott Perry, introduced a bill in the US Congress against China’s one-China policy. The increase in China’s problems is almost certain if it passes. Over the past few years, China and the U.S. There is constant tension in between. This stress is not on one issue but on many issues. Former US President Donald Trump had a very aggressive policy on China. The current Biden administration is currently showing no change in policy. If we talk about China, it belongs not only to America but also to many countries including India. What happened in the Galway Valley last year was seen all over the world and strongly condemned China’s attitude. India received international cooperation on a number of issues, including Galwan. Although India has never taken a hard line on China,

A retired professor at the Center for Asian Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, HS Bhaskar, believes in Indian foreign policy behind it. He says India has never acted in this way, not only against China, but against any other country. The biggest reason why India prefers its relations with neighboring countries. India has always given priority to unity, integrity, security, peace and stability in the region. India has never worked to increase tensions with any country in the region. These are also the basic principles of India’s foreign policy, which they have been implementing to this day.

As far as America is concerned it is very different in this regard. They can go to any level to advance their business and their interests. Pvt. Bhaskar also says that Trump’s policies on Biden or China are no different. India’s foreign policy does not change here with the change of government. The basic tenet of India’s foreign policy is very strong, which every Prime Minister firmly follows. India has never infiltrated China or Pakistan and will never move forward. But if a country infiltrates the Indian border, it responds. This is a big difference between India and America.

Speaking on the Taiwan issue, he said China would have to bear the brunt of the bill introduced in the US Congress. This is because the bill challenges China’s right to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau. It doesn’t matter if the bill is in mainland China, but the bills relate to these three places. So, China is determined to be upset. With the passage of this bill, the US will be able to trade openly with them.

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