Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan’s big statement on Korona: The epidemic is the biggest catastrophe for India since independence

New Delhi: About a year and a half after the entry of the corona epidemic into India, the transmission of the corona virus has shaken the entire country. As the second wave of Corona is proving more deadly for the countrymen, former Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan said in a statement that the Covid-19 epidemic is the biggest challenge facing the country since independence.

At the same time, Rajan said that in many places, due to various reasons, the government cannot help the people. Addressing an online event organized by the University of Chicago Center in Delhi, he said there was a need for a speedy process to declare bankruptcy for the micro, small and medium enterprises sector in India.

“This is a very bad time for India because of the epidemic,” he said. The Covid-19 epidemic is perhaps the biggest challenge for the country since independence. “When the epidemic first hit, the challenge was the economic situation due to the lockdown, but now the challenge is both economic and personal and as we move forward, a social element will also be a challenge,” Rajan said.

The country is currently witnessing more than three lakh cases every day and the death toll is also on the rise. “One of the effects of this epidemic is that we did not see the presence of the government for various reasons,” he said. Rajan said the Maharashtra government has been able to provide oxygen beds to Kovid-19 patients. In many places even at this level the government could not work.

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