For people with jobs, this is the right investment option, it will be a big benefit

generally Employed People are confused about investing in their own money Investment Where does. When and how would it be appropriate to do? Experts believe that a person should start saving for himself as soon as he starts working. Celery more or less. Experts say it would be wise to invest money where there is a double benefit. So with more benefits comes tax savings. Here are some investment options where you can invest your salary.

Public Provident Fund


Public Provident Fund (PPF) has long been a popular investment option. It also offers good interest along with secure investment. The interest rate on PPF is always 7% to 8%. Looking at this economic situation may be a little less or more. The interest rate on PPF is currently 7.1%, which is compounded annually. The interest earned on small savings schemes like PPF is reviewed every quarter by the government. PPF investments are tax free in the EEE category. The interest received will also be tax free and the amount received on maturity will also be completely tax free.



Investing in gold is also a good option. There are a number of ways to invest, such as gold ETFs, gold coins, sovereign gold bond schemes. The Gold ETF and Sovereign Gold Scheme are good because there is no risk of theft. Experts believe that investors should also invest a portion of their investment in gold. This keeps his portfolio balanced.

Equity Mutual Fund

Experts say that job seekers should also invest a portion of their investment in mutual funds. It would be better to invest in an equity mutual fund through SIP. Investors benefit from the boom in the stock market. Here you can make this investment for less than Rs.500. Investors who have started a job can invest here. This is a good option for them.

Recurring Deposit (RD)

You can invest in recurring deposit RD little by little every month. This is a good option for regular savings. Most banks have a minimum recurring deposit of Rs 500. Appropriate interest rates also vary. SBI is offering 5 to 5.4% interest on recurring deposits.

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