Food companies may have to state sugar level on fruit juice packets, BIS will bring new rule

New Delhi: Food companies will now have to label fruit packets as ‘Sweet Fruit Juice’ or ‘Salt Fruit Juice’. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) says that if you need a certificate for fruit juice, then you may have to write sugar or syrup base fruit juice on the fruit juice packet. The BIS has said that whether it is a fruit juice, a fruit concentrate, it has to contain sugar added or sweetened fruit juice. If more than 15 grams of sugar is added to one kilogram of juice, then sugar added has to be written.

The name of the juice has to be written below the sugar level

It is necessary to mention it near the name of the fruit juice, so that it can be clearly seen by the consumers, says BIS. The BIS states that comprehensive standards have been set for the standardization of all types of fruit juices, fruit purees, fruit nectars and related products. Sugar labeling proposals have been posted on the BSI website. Ordinary people can react to this. According to food industry experts, although the rules of FSSI match the rules of BIS, there is a difference in mentioning the amount of sweetener as sugar on the label.

The rules are in the FSSI but new standards can be issued

Subodh Jindal, president of the All India Food Processors Association, says the rules on food standards have been included in the FSS Act. Therefore, creating a different food standard will only cause confusion. However, the BISA has said that while making sugar labeling mandatory, the rules made under the FSS Act will be thoroughly scrutinized. However, if required under the new guidelines, rules regarding sugar labeling will be implemented soon.

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