Flipkart has launched a new feature, now you can easily buy this way


E-commerce marketplace Flipkart on Thursday in Hindi and English As well as its in Hinglish (a mixture of English and Hindi) Platform Started voice search on. The e-commerce site on Thursday announced the launch of a voice search feature on its platform. In such a situation, users will now be able to buy goods by bidding on Flipkart. Through this, users will be able to find more than 150 million products in more than 80 categories through voice search.

Flipkart said that with the introduction of the voice search feature, users in smaller towns will be able to search more easily. In India, more than 75% of Internet users come from non-English (non-English) backgrounds. Most of them live in rural areas. In such a situation, it becomes very important that the language related problems of the people are eliminated.

Flipkart’s new voice feature

In the year 2020, a joint study was conducted by Ben & Company and Flipkart. According to which, online shoppers living in Tier-2 cities place 3 out of 5 orders on the e-commerce platform.

Jayandran Venugopal, Flipkart’s chief product and technology officer, said in a statement that voice search, along with some of Flipkart’s other initiatives, would make the digital commerce experience more convenient, accessible and intuitive for a new wave of online shoppers.

Users will be able to find and order products by speaking and this feature will be very helpful for new internet users. Once users place a command in it, it automatically converts it into text. Which helps users find their product easily without writing.


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