Fire catastrophe: 7000 hectares of wildfires in Australia, many houses burnt down

SYDNEY: A devastating fire in northeastern Australia’s western coastal city of Perth has burned down about 60 houses and authorities feared more could be engulfed in flames. Locals said it was too late now and it would be difficult to contain the fire.

About 7000 hectares of fire spread to 60 km. The blaze started on Monday night and could not be extinguished until early in the morning. Authorities were concerned about the blaze, which began in Wurulu and spread to Mundering, Chitting, Norham and Swan.

Swan Mayor Kevin Bailey said more than 30 houses were on fire. We are awaiting confirmation of the news of the fire from the members of the house, although we believe that more than 30 houses have been affected, ”he told the media. He said a firefighter was more affected by the smoke than the firefighters.

No one else was injured except him. The Western Australian State Fire Department said the blaze had spread to 6,667 hectares of land by Tuesday. Residents in the 25-kilometer area from Urulu to Waliunga National Park were warned on Tuesday to be prepared to evacuate. ‘Find shelter before the fire comes to your house.

The flames will come to you and scorch you in the scorching heat, ”he said. Six firefighters suffered minor injuries and 60 homes were burned. State Chief Minister Mark McGowan said 80 percent of the buildings in Gidgegunn, northwest of Perth, were damaged. He further said that aerial tankers were being sent from the east coast of the country to put out the fire.

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