Find out where the anti-India missile bases of countries including China and Pakistan are

Each country has its own self-defense Military capabilityAre increasing. Speaking of our neighboring enemy countries, China and Pakistan are also equipped with missiles and nuclear weapons. Worldwide Deadly weaponsAccording to the information site, where are the missile bases of many countries including China and Pakistan.

China has three active missile bases, 1 continues operations

China’s influence can be seen all over the Asian continent – Asia, even against the world’s most powerful country, the United States. There are 4 missile bases in China, according to the NTI website. 2 of them are active, one is working and one is under construction. The missile is present in all four bases. The four named Jiukan Space Launch Center is spread over an area of ​​2,800 sq km in the Mongolia region. Which is in Jiuquan Gansu Province area. Taiyuan Space Center is located in Taiyuan Shanxi Province. The Shenyang Space Launcher Center is located 60 km north of Shichang City in Sichuan Province, while the Hainan Space Launch Center in Wenchang City covers an area of ​​3,000 acres.

Egypt’s missile base is the Gabel Hamza Test Range

Egypt’s missile base is the Gabel Hamza Test Range. No information on his location or status. But the Gabella Hamza has just launched a missile.

The missile base is at Komodok San in North Korea

North Korea has a full stockpile of lethal weapons. Everyone is familiar with the love of the strange dictator Kim Jong Un’s missiles before meeting the American president. North Korea has a missile base on Komodok-san. It is located on Mount Komdok in Hwade-kun, north of Hemgiong.

There is a missile base at Sargodha in Punjab, Pakistan

The biggest threat to our country is from Pakistan, because in 1965, 1971 and 1999 Pakistan attacked India and stated its intentions. According to NIT, the Pakistani missile base is at Sargodha in Punjab. There are 2 runways, an aircraft proliferation area as well as a weapons stockpile area.

In Israel, 3,200 workers are involved in arms production

Israel is known for its military capabilities and advanced technology. Israel’s missile maker is based in the military industry, Ramat Hasheron. It has about 3200 employees.


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