Finance Minister’s gift to the world of education in Budget 2021, announcement to open 100 new military schools in the country

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made many important announcements regarding the education sector in Budget 2021-22. The Finance Minister said the National Education Policy has been welcomed. The country will now open 100 new soldier schools. The help of the private sector will be sought for this. He also announced the formation of a Higher Education Commission.

Important announcements have also been made by the Finance Minister in the budget for important facilities of health and education. Speaking of the education sector, important announcements have also been made regarding education.


The finance minister said about 100 new soldier schools would be built within the country. For which the help of private sector will also be taken. In his address, the Finance Minister announced the formation of a Higher Education Commission. The law will be amended for that. The Higher Education Commission will have four branches. Which will handle functions like criteria and funding, a large structure will be developed in 9 cities, coordination between them, economic autonomy will be maintained.

The finance minister also gave a gift to the youth of Leh-Ladakh. In which he announced the opening of Central University in Leh. Which will benefit the youth of Leh. The budget announced that 758 Eklavya schools would be set up in tribal areas. In which Rs 38 crore will be spent on one school. Scholarships of Rs 35,000 crore were given to Scheduled Castes. Which benefited four crore students.

In addition, for the skill development of the youth, the Finance Minister announced that diploma holders would be given training in engineering. An additional amount will be allocated for it. Talks are underway with UAE and Japan for Skill Industrial Training.

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