Fear among people after the earthquake in New Zealand

People are still in fear after New Zealand was shaken by another powerful earthquake in the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire. The quake measured 7.1 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was reported at a depth of 10 km.
The PTWC said tsunami waves were possible within 300 km of the epicenter. An alert has since been issued in the entire area. People in the quake-hit areas have been told to stay away from the coast. New Zealand’s emergency agencies have been placed on high alert.
The quake damaged roads and damaged some structures. The U.S. Geological Survey previously recorded a magnitude 7.3 earthquake, which later dropped to 6.9. The epicenter was reported at a depth of 10 kilometers, according to the US Geological Survey. The PTWC later said the quake was likely to trigger a tsunami within a radius of 300 km.

New Zealand’s National Emergency Management Agency said it was still assessing whether the quake could cause a tsunami, although the agency advised people living along the coast that if they felt a strong or prolonged tremor, they should take an immediate high. Should be left in the plain areas.

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