Fatal corona virus found on ice cream, new revelations in China

One more shocking news is coming from China spreading Corona in the world. The corona virus found on ice cream produced in eastern China has caused a stir in the country. Authorities then ordered the return of that batch of ice cream compartments. According to the information, three samples of ice cream were found to be infected with corona.

The official statement said that after the case came to light, the Dakiaodo Food Company, located in the Tianjin area around Beijing, was sealed off and its employees were being tested for the virus. There is currently no infection with ice cream.

The government said most of the batch’s 29,000 ice cream coaches are yet to be sold. It is further reported that 390 ice-sozine packets sold in Tianjin are being monitored. It has been found that the ingredients used in making ice cream include New Zealand milk powder and this powder from Ukraine.

The global epidemic-causing Kovid-19 virus was born in China and spread around the world. US President Donald Trump was the first to make the accusation, calling it a Chinese virus. Several world leaders, including Trump, called for an investigation. The WHO has reached out to China to verify the source of the virus. Initially, however, Beijing was not ready for it.

Notably, China recently allowed the WHO team to come here. The team will know if the Corona virus came from Wuhan. Ever since the epidemic began, Beijing has been accused of having the corona virus from its Wuhan-based laboratory. China has consistently denied the allegations. According to China, the corona virus came to China through imported fish and other foodstuffs.

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