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The Terror has arrived on BBC Two and iPlayer but the ending of season 1, episode 10 has left fans with questions and needs to be explained.

It’s taken a long time for The Terror to arrive on our screens here in the UK with the series originally airing in the US back in 2018.

Nevertheless, the chilling series should make for compelling viewing for fans and to make the binge-worthy horror even more appealing, all episodes have been made available on BBC iPlayer.

As a result, fans who have made their way to the end of The Terror have been left with plenty of questions about its ending which needs to be explained.

The Terror: Trailer | BBC Trailers



The Terror: Trailer | BBC Trailers




The Terror on BBC Two

Three years after its original airing on AMC in the US, The Terror arrives on BBC Two and iPlayer on March 3rd, 2021.

Season 1 of the horror anthology series tells the story of Captain Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition to the Arctic in the 1840s.

The fictionalised tale, inspired by true events, sees Franklin’s two ships, the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror get stuck in the frozen sea ice where the crews quickly come to realise that they are being hunted by a murderous menace.


The Terror season 1: Ending explained

The fact that the expedition of the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror is famed for being lost to the Canadian Arctic should give viewers an idea of what is to come in the final moments of The Terror.

Episode 10 picks up where the previous instalment left off, with Captain Francis Crozier being held captive by Hickey and his mutinous crewmates, one of several surviving groups, all of whom are being hunted by the mysterious native Tuunbaq creature.

After episode 9 saw Hickey’s men resort to cannibalism to stave off starvation, poor Dr Goodsir hopes to bring an end to his waking nightmare as well as those who partook in such a desperate act by poisoning them.

After warning Crozier of his plan, Dr Goodsir covers his body in poison and drinks a bottle for good measure before cutting his wrists and finally killing himself during the night.

The next morning, Crozier is woken to find Hickey and his men sitting down to a breakfast feast, the main course being Dr Goodsir. Little do they know of his plan to poison them, however.

Following the meal, Hickey and his men chain Crozier up and assemble atop a nearby hill in the hopes of luring the terrible Tuunbaq creature that has been hunting down members of the crew.

While the mutineers wait for the creature to appear, Hickey reveals himself to be an imposter and that he killed the real Cornelius Hickey in order to stow away on the voyage.


Eventually, the Tuunbaq arrives and makes light work of several members of the crew, some of whom have begun to feel the effects of Dr Goodsir’s poisoning.

In the skirmish, Hickey slices off his own tongue in an attempt to perform an Inuit ritual that would allow him control over the beast but it wastes no time in tearing through him too as he’s been tainted by sin and the poison.

However, the already-injured Tuunbaq shows signs of weakness thanks to ingesting the poison and disease-ridden crew and eventually collapses and is killed by Crozier, using the chains still attached to his wrist.

The next day, Crozier and the Tuunbaq are found by the Inuit woman known as Lady Silence who frees Crozier from his chains by cutting off his hand.

Together, the pair retrace the steps of Crozier’s crew and learn that all of the surviving members have now perished, either from starvation or disease.

Lady Silence, whose real name is revealed to be Silna, brings Crozier back to her Inuit camp where he’s accepted into the tribe, although for losing the sacred Tuunbaq creature, Silna is banished to the wilderness.

The final scene in season 1 of The Terror takes place two years later, in 1850, as Sir James Clark Ross leads an expedition to search for the previous expedition’s crew.

Crozier, who has been living with the Inuit tribe, instructs the Inuit’s leader to mislead Ross and to tell him that the entire Franklin expedition perished, preferring to live in the wilderness than return as a shameful failure to England.


The Terror continues on BBC Two at 9pm on Wednesdays while all episodes of season 1 are streaming now on BBC iPlayer.

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