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Prime Minister Narendra Modi his Monthly The program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ conveyed the message of water conservation. “Water is the source of life, faith and development for us,” he said. Water is in a way even more important than paras. We should all start working for water conservation from now on. Next month is also World Water Day on March 9. On his shortcomings, Modi said he was sad that he could not learn Tamil, the world’s oldest language. He further described a self-reliant India as a national spirit. He said a self-reliant India means being proud of the things of our country.

Sad to not be able to learn the world’s oldest Tamil language: Modi

“Tamil is a beautiful language,” he said. Many people have told me a lot about the quality of Tamil literature and the depth of the poems written in it, but I regret that I could not learn this language. Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the 7th ‘Mann Ki Baat’ from Magh Mela. Saturday was Magh Purnima, he said. ‘Maghe Nimagna: Salile Sushite, Vimuktapapa: Tridivam Prayanti. This means that bathing in any sacred reservoir in the month of Magh is considered sacred. Every society in the world has a tradition connected with the river. Many civilizations have developed along the river. Our culture is thousands of years old, so its area we find more there. ‘

PM Modi in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ emphasized on water conservation

He added that this time a Kumbh Mela is also being held in Haridwar. For us, water is also life, faith and development. Water is even more important than paras. It is said that even iron becomes gold by the touch of a paras. In the same way a touch of water is very necessary for life. Summer is starting now. So this is the right time for water conservation. The water power campaign ‘Catch the Rain’ will be launched by the Ministry of Water Power in the near future.

Referring to Sant Ravidas, Prime Minister Modi said that the youth should not get stuck in the old ways of doing any work. Even today the words of Saint Ravidasji, his knowledge, guide us. Saint Ravidas said that we are all the same earthen vessel, we are all made by one God. Young people should not depend on others to fulfill their dreams. Young people should decide their own life and goals. He discussed the next exam issue and boosted the morale of the students. He advised teachers and students to contact the My Village portal and said that there are exam tips, which should be taken advantage of.

The Prime Minister also recalled the self-reliant campaign, saying that the first condition of a self-reliant India is to be proud of the things of its own country. When every countryman connects with indigenous things, a self-reliant India becomes not just an economic campaign but a national spirit. The contribution of science in a self-reliant India is also huge. We need to take science forward with the ‘Lab to Land’ mantra. Indigenous Tejas aircraft, tanks made in India, missiles enhance our pride. We are proud that the vaccine made in India should reach many countries.

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