Expensive had to pay for the wedding: even after ordering an expensive car, it happened like a shame …

Ahmedabad RTO has been found to have taken a major action. A modified limousine car from Sanand has been detained by Ahmedabad RTO. Modified cars were available to the people at a rent of Rs 40,000 per day.

The car

The modified limousine car has a luxury sofa, TV and crockery. But the Ahmedabad RTO has confiscated the car. A luxury limousine car modified by Tata Suma was being used even though the city did not have permission for modified cars. The owner was renting the car for Rs 40,000 a day.

The Audi symbol was affixed to the car numbered PB10-CY-3300 with Punjab passing. However, the investigation revealed that this elegant looking car is a normal Tata Sumo car which was modified. The car was rented at the wedding for Rs 40,000 per day. The car was given luxurious features. In which even 5 star hotel was arranged with embarrassing facilities. The car was also decorated outside in such a way that people were attracted to see the car.

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