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Monsterland arrived on Hulu on October 2nd but the ending of episode 2, Eugene, Oregon, has left fans with plenty of questions and needs to be explained.

As October arrives once again, attention starts to turn towards the spookiest holiday of them all, Halloween.

The creepy time of year is always met with the release of new horror films and TV shows and 2020 is no different.

Hulu have been one of the earliest to put the horror genre firmly in the shop window with the new anthology series, Monsterland.

As an anthology series, each episode follows a different cast and tells a different story.

However, in the case of episode 2, titled Eugene, Oregon, fans have been left with plenty of questions about the episode’s ending that need to be explained.

Monsterland Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original



Monsterland Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original




Monsterland episode 2 on Hulu

Monsterland debuted on Hulu on Ocotber 2nd, 2020.

The eight-episode series tells eight different stories set in different towns and cities across the United States.

In episode 2, we join the character of Nick, a lonely teen who skips school to pay his family’s bills and whose only social interaction, besides video games, is with his ailing mother.

However, Nick’s world is called into question when he gets the eerie feeling that a shadow is watching him and he turns to online forums to search for answers.


Monsterland episode 2: Eugene, Oregon ending explained

When Nick first encounters the shadow living in his house, it’s obviously a creepy moment but the shadow is simply existing there. It’s not there to hurt him and even interacts with a shadow puppet that Nick makes appear on the wall.

It’s only when Nick shares a photo of the shadow online that matters take a turn for the worse.

Nick is welcomed into the online Shadowhunter group whose members slowly and incrementally get Nick to believe that all of his life’s problems are being caused by this shadow, which is doing nothing more than living its life on Nick’s walls.

While common horror tropes have led us to believe that the creature – in this case a shadow – is the threat in a film or TV show, the real monster in Monsterland episode 2 is quite clearly the process of radicalisation that Nick goes through and it’s a process that more and more people seem to be falling victim to.


He begins the episode as a well-rounded, if a little lonely, teenage boy who takes care of his mother and plays video games. By the end of Eugene, Oregon, he’s rushing through his house with a makeshift light gun, attempting to destroy every shadow in the building.

The episode ends with Nick firing his light gun at the shadow but when he pulls the trigger, we hear actual gunshots and the screen cuts to black.

We don’t know what ramifications those gunshots have had. Has he fulfilled his goal and taken out the shadow or was his makeshift weapon actually a real gun and he’s just fired at his mother?

In this end, what happens as Nick fires those shots, real or otherwise, is irrelevant.

The real crux of the episode is the journey of radicalisation that Nick goes on, rather than the destination that he reaches.


Fans react to Monsterland episode 2

It’s safe to say that Monsterland episode 2 has left fans with plenty of questions and many have taken to social media in search of answers and to explain their thoughts.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Someone talk episode 2 of #Monsterland with me! I am confusion! What did the ending signify?”

While another added: “Monsterland episode 2…. mans is really building flashlight guns after they thought he was gonna shoot up the school”

This fan commented: “parts of episode 2 of monsterland just hit home and were very triggering”

And finally, this Twitter user had the perfect reaction to the episode:

Monsterland is available to stream now on Hulu after the eight-episode series released on October 2nd, 2020.

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