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Animaniacs fans were left confused on November 23rd after episode 6 was temporarily removed from Hulu following a phone number blunder.

After 22 years away from our screens, Animaniacs has returned.

The Steven Spielberg-led cartoon series was hugely popular during its original run in the 1990s thanks to its blend of child-friendly humor as well as jokes catered to a more adult audience.

However, in 2020’s Animaniacs reboot, a certain adult-oriented joke has resulted in one episode of the animated series, episode 6, being temporarily removed from the Hulu streaming service.

But just why has episode 6 of 2020’s Animaniacs been taken down?

Animaniacs on Hulu

Animaniacs returned to our TV screens on November 20th, 2020 after 22 years away.

The Hulu original, which consists of 13 episodes in total, welcomes the Warner family back onto our screens for a new batch of wacky and zany adventures.

The trio are also joined by supporting characters such as Pinky and the Brain who have their own plans for world domination.


Animaniacs episode 6 removed from Hulu

Fans watching their way through the Animaniacs reboot were quick to spot that episode 6 of the new season had been temporarily removed from the Hulu streaming service on the evening of November 23rd.

The reason, as fans quickly deduced, was thanks to the episode’s Pinky and the Brain segment which featured a Brain-starring TV commercial which included a supposedly fictional phone number and an address.

However, the fictional phone number turned out not to be fictional at all as fans who tried phoning the number found out.

Instead of getting a funny Animaniacs-themed message or something along those lines, fans were actually phoning a sex line and were greeted with a rather raunchy message.

As a result, Hulu temporarily took down the episode.

As of the morning of November 24th, episode 6 of Animaniacs has been restored to Hulu with the offending phone number edited out.


Fans react to Animaniacs’ phone number blunder

It’s safe to say that the phone number blunder has been a hot topic among Animaniacs fans who have taken to social media to discuss the temporary removal of episode 6.

One fan on Twitter pointed out the missing episode:

While another took the matter to Hulu, saying: “@hulu@hulu_support just a heads up guys… The phone number listed in the Pinky and the Brain segment of episode 6 of the Animaniacs reboot is a real phone number. For a joke, my wife called it… Its for a phone sex line.”

And finally, this fan summed up the whole affair in gif form:

Animaniacs, including the edited episode 6, is available to stream now on Hulu after releasing on November 20th, 2020.

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