ENVIRONMENT: Marijuana production in the US emits 3 million gallons of carbon dioxide a year

The worldwide market for drugs is growing rapidly. Large quantities of cocaine are being produced. Opium has also been in trend for the past decade. In addition, the market for synthetic drugs is growing in the Netherlands and cannabis is being legalized in some countries. According to the United Nations, 269 million people worldwide were using drugs in 2018. Now everyone knows that drugs harm our health. But few people know that drugs can seriously affect the environment. Indoor production of marijuana in the United States has emitted 15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide within a year, according to a report by the University of California, Davis.

This is equivalent to emissions from 3 million vehicles each year. Cannabis plants need a lot of water. These plants need twice as much water as tomatoes or grapes. About 70% of the marijuana used in the United States is produced in California alone. In such a large farm, each plant needs 22 liters of water per day. Scientists at the California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife have speculated that illegal farming has reduced water levels in many places. Forests are being cleared for cocaine. The alleged drugs party has become very popular in recent years. Belgium and the Netherlands are hotspots for synthetic drugs. One kg of MDMA production produces 10 kg of toxic waste. Such wastes may contain sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, and acetone.

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