Election ends and inflation starts: Petrol-diesel prices rise again, petrol crosses Rs 101 here

Petrol-diesel prices have gone up in five states today following the election results. Petrol price was hiked by 15 paise and diesel by 18 paise per liter on Tuesday. In Delhi, petrol has gone up to Rs 90.55 and diesel to Rs 80.91 per liter. Today, after 18 days, the price of petrol-diesel has changed. In Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, petrol is crossing Rs 101 per liter.

This year, petrol-diesel prices rose 10 times in January, 16 times in February, while prices rose for the first time today in May. Petrol-diesel prices have come down 3 times in March and 1 time in April. Earlier, petrol-diesel prices were last hiked on February 27.

Petrol and diesel prices change daily at 6 am. The new price is applicable from 6 o’clock in the morning. The price of petrol and diesel doubles after adding excise duty, dealer commission and other items.

The country’s three oil marketing companies HPCL, BPCL and IOC announce new prices of petrol and diesel after 6 am. For new prices you can get information by going to the website. Or you can also check the price via SMS. You can know the price of petrol-diesel by sending an SMS to 92249 92249. You have to write the code of RSP petrol pump dealer and send to 92249 92249. If you are in Delhi and want to check the price of petrol and diesel by message, you have to write RSP 102072 and send it to 92249 92249.

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