Earthquake in Greece: Earthquake in Greece, magnitude 6.2 measured on the Richter scale

Earthquakes have been felt in Greece. Its severity is measured at 7.5 on the Rector scale. No casualties were reported, however. At 12:15 a.m. Wednesday, the epicenter was reported 22 km west-northwest of Larissa. The quake affected neighboring Macedonia, Kosovo and the capital of Monegnero.

A magnitude 6.6 earthquake shook Turkey last year, killing scores of people. The quake injured more than 880 people. Japan was hit by two consecutive days of earthquakes last month. The first birth occurred at 11.05 pm when most of the people were asleep or preparing for bed. The quake measured 7.1 on the Richter scale.

The next day, the quake shook the region. The Japan Meteorological Agency said both tremors were recorded in the Kukushma region. The epicenter was reported at a depth of 50 kilometers below the earth’s surface, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. However, the quake in Fukushima prefecture did not cause any damage to the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

An earthquake in Japan last month hit the same area as the March 2011 tsunami. The quake shook buildings, forcing people to flee their homes. Not only that, the traffic on the roads was closed due to the earthquake. Tell us that the Fukushima earthquake in March 2011 caused severe damage to the nuclear power plant. This spread nuclear radiation over a large area. More than 18,000 people were killed in the disaster.

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