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Fans have been left asking ‘is Lovell Adams-Gray gay?’ after an eye-widening scene featuring his character, Dru Tejada, in Power Book 2

During its six-season run on Starz, Power became one of the channel’s hit series and managed to build an international audience.

Naturally, when Power came to an end in February 2020, there was still a lot of interest in the series and so, it wasn’t long before Power Book 2: Ghost was confirmed.

The series places its focus on Tariq St. Patrick after the apparent death of his father but in episode 4, Power Book 2 fans were left with plenty of questions after an eye-widening scene featuring Dru Tejada.

The scene in question shows Dru getting friendly with a male classmate of Tariq’s and it’s left fans wondering if Dru’s actor, Lovell Adams-Gray is gay himself.

Power Book 2: Ghost

Power Book 2 arrived on Starz in the US on September 6th, 2020 and has been airing weekly since.

The spin-off show is a sequel to the original Power series which came to an end earlier this year.

Book 2 follows on from the events of season 6, with only a few weeks having passed since we last caught up with Tariq and Tasha St. Patrick after the death of James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick at in that dramatic season 6 finale.


Dru Tejada in episode 4

In episode 4 of Power Book 2, titled The Prince, Dru is instructed by Monet to tail Tariq at school, to uncover more information about his secretive business dealings.

Dru ends up following Tariq to art class but quickly loses focus on his target when he becomes distracted by a flirty male basketball player who also takes the class, so much so that Tariq leaves without Dru even noticing.

Dru and his new friend end up back at the basketball player’s room where they end up kissing.


Is Lovell Adams-Gray gay?

  • No, Lovell Adams-Gray is not gay.

As Lovell Adams-Gray’s Instagram profile goes to show, the 28-year-old actor is not gay. Although, it’s unknown if he’s bisexual or if the scene in Power Book 2 was purely professional.

That’s because the Toronto-born actor is in a relationship with fellow Canadian actress Kiana Madeira, best known for her roles in Netflix’s Trinkets, Sacred Lies as well as The Flash and Dark Matter.

The pair have regularly posted photos together and an upload from Kiana in July suggests that the two are engaged.

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Power Book 2: Ghost, which features Lovell Adams-Gray as Dru, continues weekly on Starz.

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