Don’t worry if you don’t have a UAN, this way you can also check your PF account balance

If you your PF Want to know the account balance and you have UAN No number or you forgot, you don’t need to panic. PF account balance can also be verified without UAN number. Not only this, you can also withdraw money from PF account without UAN number.


The Universal Account Number (UAN) is a unique 12-digit number. This is a permanent number. UAN is valid for one member’s lifetime. The employee’s employer can generate a UAN number. In case of change of job, previously allotted UAN can only be provided by the employer. The UAN is required to check the balance of the PF account or to withdraw money from the PF account, but both of these functions can be performed without the UAN.


Know PF balance without UAN

  • Login by going to in
  • After this, click on the “Click Here to Know your EPF Balanc” link ”.
  • You will be redirected to / epfo /. Now you have to click on the “Member Balance Information” tab.
  • Select your state and click on your EPFO ​​office link.
  • After this, you have to enter your PF account number, name and registered mobile number.
  • You have to click submit. As soon as you click, you will see your PF balance on the screen.

Withdrawal from PF account without UAN

  • To withdraw money from a PF account without a UAN number, you must fill out a PF withdrawal form.
  • This form has to be submitted by going to the local PF office.
  • For this the EPF member has to download Aadhaar based composite claim form or non-Aadhaar composite claim form through internet.
  • Partial or full withdrawals can be made by filling out this form.

How much money can I withdraw??

Complete withdrawals from a PF account can only be made in two situations. After retirement or if the employee has been unemployed for more than two months. If an EPF member remains unemployed for one month, 75 per cent of his total PF amount can be withdrawn from the pension fund.


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