Doctors may be on leave now! For the first time, a robot performed cancer surgery on a patient

A robot has performed surgery on a cancer patient along with three teams of doctors. This is the first surgery performed on a cancer patient. According to the report, this unique experiment will reduce the recovery time of the patient by one third.

The decision was made by doctors at the National Health Service Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in Britain. The surgery will be completed in three stages. For this, three teams of doctors and a robot started the surgery at the same time.

According to a report, the robot that the doctor used in the surgery of a 53-year-old patient suffering from advanced rectal cancer is named Da Vinci Si. Surgical instruments were placed in all four arms of the robot. And the doctors were controlling it through joysticks and 3D screens. The robot is priced at Rs 9.5 crore.

The surgery was performed in July. But the information attached to it is now being published. A total of 14 doctors participated in the surgery. Experts believe that this experiment will pave the way for many surgeons to operate simultaneously in the coming days.

Prior to this, complex surgeries for advanced rectal cancer were performed in different shifts. After one team completed the entire task, the other team joined the patient’s surgery. Which took 12 hours. But the surgery took less than 10 hours. The patient’s recovery time is also reduced. The first patient had to stay in the hospital for 21 days. But this time recovered in just 7 days.

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