Do you also work from home? So you can get this benefit

In most institutions due to the Corona epidemic Work from home The usual thing has happened. A large number of people in the country work from home. Even after the lockdown is removed CompanyOA has continued it. The companies have made this decision keeping in mind the expenses apart from the health and safety of the employees. It is true that work from home has increased the facilities for the employees but it has also increased the cost of the employees. Such costs include high-speed internet, power backup, chair-table for building home-office, electronic accessories, AC, etc. Some organizations have provided allowances, reimbursement and even assets to their employees to provide these facilities. However, some have had to pay out of their own pockets.

In cases where the institutions have given an allowance to meet the additional expenses. In which the money in the hands of the employees is taxable. Because, there is no such provision in the law. It is requested that there be no tax only in cases where the organizations have reimbursed the employees for the cost of setting up work from home. Or assets have been made available. However this is a time when the government should take into account the increased costs on employees. And deductions or exemptions should be made available for such additional costs. In some other countries, the government has taken steps to reduce this additional burden on employees. Brittle provides an example.

In Britain, employees can claim a tax deduction on extra expenses other than home. This depends on its cost. The Government of Canada has also introduced deductions on Home Office costs. There is a strong possibility that work from home will continue until the epidemic is eradicated. In some cases this may continue. In view of all this, the government may consider giving deductions up to a certain limit. This discount can be given to all employees working from home on the basis of additional costs. The central budget is approaching. It is also not wrong to expect employees to be given more leeway to cover expenses while working from home.


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