Diwali in the stock market following a lighter budget! 4.19 lakh crore increase

Minister of FinanceThe frenzy of the lighter budget presented by him was still prevailing in the stock market today. The Sensex was up 1197 points and the Nifty was up 367 points for the second day in a row on fresh buying from Chomer. Today, the Sensex jumped to the intraday 50000 and the Nifty touched the previous record level of 14700.

The Sensex jumped 50000 intraday and the Nifty touched 14700, reaching a record high.

The budget presented yesterday did not include new taxes on the other hand, which would provide huge relief to various industries. Thus, in the wake of the light-hearted budget presented by the Finance Ministry, the historic budget boom continued with a new take on Chomer on the second day of the budget presentation today.

The Sensex rose intraday to 50000 and touched 50154

The BSE benchmark Sensex bounced back to a high of Rs 50,000 and touched a high of Rs 50,154 after hitting a strong gap at the Bombay Stock Exchange. The stock rose 1197.11 points to close at Rs 49,797.72.

At the NSE, too, the Nifty intraday rose to 14,700, hitting 14,731, on the back of fresh gains after touching a high, hitting 14,731, and ended 366.65 points higher at 14,647.85. Investors’ wealth rose by Rs. 4.19 lakh crore, an increase of Rs. 196.65 lakh crore.


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