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HBO’s The Undoing has touted several suspects in Elena’s murder but episode 5 has prompted fans to ask “did Henry kill Elena in The Undoing?”

The Undoing has been centred on the murder of Elena Alves and several suspects have emerged since the series arrived on HBO.

Jonathan Fraser (Hugh Grant) has seemed like the prime suspect since episode 1 but in episode 5, however, Grace and Jonathan’s son, Henry, seems to emerge as a possible suspect in Elena’s murder.

This has prompted plenty of fan questions with a number of viewers left speculating if Henry is really behind Elena’s death.

The Undoing: Official Trailer | HBO



The Undoing: Official Trailer | HBO




The Undoing episode 5

The tension is cranked up to 11 in episode 5 of The Undoing as Jonathan is at last put on trial as the chief suspect in Elena’s murder.

After a testing first day in court, it’s a win for the Fraser family as their lawyer is able to throw Detective Mendoza’s police work into doubt.

The family go for an ill-thought-through celebratory meal and at the restaurant Henry reveals that he hopes their family will be able to return to normal, suggesting that they could even get a dog.

However, this prompts the reveal that in his childhood, Jonathan accidentally killed his own sister, something which his mother confirmed turned him into something of a sociopath.

The episode ends, however, with the dramatic discovery of what could well be the murder weapon used in Elena’s killing, a sculpting hammer which Grace finds in the most unlikely of locations, Henry’s violin case.

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Did Henry kill Elena?

  • The identity of Elena’s killer has not yet been revealed in HBO’s adaptation of The Undoing.

The discovery of the sculpting hammer, which we’re told is the object that killed Elena, could have huge ramifications in The Undoing and has led fans to label Henry as the chief suspect.

The seemingly innocent boy has been interested in the case from the start and as he reveals, has known about his father’s affair with Elena for some time.

As he says at the restaurant, he just wants his family to live happily again but would that have caused him to seek out and kill Elena himself?

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Henry’s violin practice scenes have always seemed more important than they first appeared and the reason for that seems to be that a sculpting hammer was hidden away inside his violin case the entire time.

However, this also prompts the question, did Henry put the hammer in there himself or was it hidden in there by someone else?

In the book, You Should Have Known, on which The Undoing is based, Jonathan is indeed the killer but as She points out, the series has made several substantial departures from its source material and the identity of Elena’s killer could well be another one.

Could the discovery of the sculpting hammer and the hints that Henry is behind Elena’s death be one final misdirection before the real killer is revealed?

Thankfully, fans shouldn’t have too long left to wait as just one episode of The Undoing remains.

The Undoing concludes on HBO on Sunday, November 29th, 2020.

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