Devasthan- Nail is not used in this wooden temple!

Century of Truth is a religious site in Pattaya, Thailand. Adorned with idols of Buddhist and Hindu traditions, the temple is made entirely of wood. It has a mix of Dravidian, Chinese, Som Dwaravati, Srivijayan and Thai arts. The main style of this Buddhist temple is based on Thai Vastu art. It features hand-made wooden idols of Buddhist and Hindu deities in particular. The purpose of creating it was to introduce people to ancient art and culture. Visitors to the campus will learn about ancient life, original ideas, life cycles, and individual responsibilities. The site, which resembles an old temple, was built by Thai businessman Lake Verifanet in 1981 and is expected to be completed by 2025. The height of this temple is 105 meters. For light, this temple is completely dependent on natural light. The temple has large doors in all four directions, allowing sunlight to enter. Due to the lack of artificial lighting system inside the temple, it is a little dark inside in the evening which gives relief to the people. The view of the sunset from here with the sound of the sea waves in the evening looks very beautiful. A variety of events are organized at the temple on special occasions.

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