DEADLY RESEARCH: Mosquitoes cause 1 million deaths every year / India has 58 species of which five species are carriers of dangerous malaria

Mosquitoes are the leading cause of human death worldwide. Mosquito-borne diseases kill about one million people every year. This is a creature that has troubled the whole world. According to the World Health Organization’s Malaria Report-2017, India has the highest rate of 87% of malaria cases in South East Asia. According to a WHO report, 4.38 million people died of malaria worldwide in 2015. Dengue cases have increased 30 times in the last 30 years.

  • Anopheles:There are 58 species in India. Of which five species are carriers of the dangerous malaria. Stephensi, Fluvitalis and Dior are the main ones. Anopheles mosquitoes lay their eggs in clean water.
  • Aedes:This mosquito is found all over the world. It spreads dengue and chickenpox. These mosquitoes breed in small spots of naturally and artificially collected water. It bites mainly during the day.
  • Culex:There are 240 species in India. These mosquitoes usually prefer frozen and dirty pits for laying eggs and breeding. Bites mainly at night. It is the main carrier of dangerous Japanese encephalitis.
  • Mansonia:This group is found mainly in tropical countries. In India it is found mainly in the coastal areas of South India. It spreads filariasis. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide released by humans to bite humans. It is also attracted to the human body heat. Those who have more heat in their body will be bitten more by mosquitoes. According to the WHO, mosquitoes can transmit two viruses to a single bite. Referring to studies conducted in India, the WHO said that there are many cases in which a patient has contracted Chikungunya and Daegu at the same time.

Delicious discovery

  • Mosquitoes suck blood from their proboscis, which is like a tube. 12 lakh mosquitoes can suck the blood of all human beings.
  • Mosquitoes that drink blood do not use it for their own nutrition, but they provide protein to their eggs.

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