DATA STORY: China and India have the largest army, find out who is in the top-10 countries in the world

China has 21.83 lakh troops and India has a total of 14.44 lakh troops. Thus, these two countries are the two largest countries in the world in terms of military power. This information has been released by the Global Firepower Rankings 2020. The organization publishes a ranking of the world’s military powers. These rankings are periodically published in different categories of total military strength (ability to corrode land, water and air), military manpower, weapons, financial, natural resources and geographical conditions.

The current ranking is based on military manpower. It is based on a soldier ready for war available to the nation at any time. The data presented in this list is for 2019. Estimates are made when official information is not available. The top 10 countries based on military manpower include China, India, the US, North Korea, Russia, Pakistan, South Korea, Iran, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. The list includes a total of 138 countries. Suriname (1850 troops), Montenegro (2000 troops), Liberia (2100 troops), Gabon (5000 troops), Moldova (510 troops), Latvia (5300 troops), Nigeria (5300 troops) were among the ten countries with the lowest number of troops. Is.

Strength of the Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force has a total of 2123 aircraft, according to a report by Global Firepower. Of these, 538 are fighter jets, 172 attackers, 250 transporters, 359 trainers, 77 special mission category aircraft. The number of helicopters is 722.

Army and Navy

The Indian Army has a total of 4292 tanks. In addition there are a total of 8686 armored vehicles and 4060 artillery. The number of rocket projectors is found to be 266. According to the Global Firepower Report, if we look at the Indian Navy, we have a total of 285 ships. It has an aircraft carrier, 10 destroyers, 13 warships. There are 16 submarines, 139 patrol boats. In addition there are 19 warships and 3 mine wars

Asia’s main military forces

Global firepower is also ranking Asian countries in terms of military strength. Russia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia are among the top 10 countries.

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