Daniel Smith will remain acting US Secretary of State until the appointment of Anthony Bliken is approved.

US President Joe Biden has named Daniel Smith as acting secretary of state. He will remain in office until the Senate approves the appointment of Anthony Bliken as Secretary of State.

Smith, a former U.S. ambassador to Greece, now runs the Foreign Service Institute, where U.S. diplomats are trained. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday considered Palak’s appointment. He is to be appointed and will replace Secretary of State Mike Pondrink in the Trump administration.

China has banned 28 officials from the Trump administration, including Pondrink.

According to reports from Beijing, China has banned 28 Americans, including former Secretary of State Mike Pondrink. These people are accused of interfering in China’s internal affairs. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said the banned people and their family members would be barred from entering China as well as Hong Kong and Macau. Even the companies and institutions associated with them will not be able to do any trade with China.

US ambassador to India resigns

US Ambassador to India Ken Jester has resigned immediately after being sworn in as Biden’s new president. Jester tweeted, “This is my last tweet as US Ambassador to India. “Leave India until we meet again,” he added. ‘

Pope wishes God for peace in America.

Pope Francis said in a message sent to US President Joe Biden on Wednesday that he had prayed to God for peace and tranquility in America. Biden is the second Catholic president of the United States. He also said that he hopes to work for a social system that gives rights and respect to the poor, deprived and vulnerable sections of the people.

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