Cyber ​​attack on 250 US hospitals fighting Corona, use of paper and pen

The computer system of all the hospitals in a major hospital chain in America was paralyzed today due to a cyber attack. The company described the problem as a security issue linked to technology. In the meantime all doctors and nurses had to use paper and pens everywhere instead of online.

Information provided on the website by the hospital chain

Universal Health Services has more than 250 hospitals and clinical services in the United States. He said in a brief statement on his website that doctors and nurses are currently keeping records of patients using paper and pens as his network is offline. The company, which is involved in Fortune 500 companies and has 90,000 employees, further said that patients are undergoing treatment. No patient information has been copied or misused.

Cyber Attack

Called a cyber attack a ransomware attack

Meanwhile, John Riggy, a senior cyber security adviser at the American Hospitals Association, called the cyber attack a suspected ransomware attack. He said that in Koro’s time, cyber criminals were rapidly targeting a network of health institutions.

What is Ransomware Cyber ​​Attack?

Ransomware is a type of software through which a hacker steals data and demands money to return it. A cyber security company estimates that 764 healthcare providers fell victim to ransomware in the United States last year.

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