Cow or buffalo? Find out whose milk is most beneficial for your health

Milk is rich in many nutrients and in India milk is considered to be the most important. The carbs, proteins and fats found in milk are beneficial for health, so everyone insists on consuming milk. Apart from cows and buffaloes, goat’s, camel’s and goat’s milk is also consumed but people use cow’s and buffalo’s milk the most.

The question that often arises in the mind is, ‘If we look at it from the point of view of health, is cow’s milk more beneficial for the body or buffalo’s milk? Generally people put more emphasis on buffalo milk, which is even more expensive than cow’s milk. But in some respects cow’s milk is more beneficial for health. Here we will find out which milk is the most beneficial for your body in cow and buffalo milk.

What is the difference between cow’s and buffalo’s milk?

Cow’s milk is light and buffalo’s milk is low in fat. At the same time cow’s milk is easily digested and this is the reason why babies are probably given only cow’s milk. In addition, buffalo milk is creamy and thick, which is why it is used to make heavy items such as cheese, kheer, kulfi, curd and ghee. Cow’s milk should be consumed within 1-2 days, while buffalo’s milk can be kept for many more days.

In addition, if we talk about the available elements in milk, the amount of protein in buffalo milk is high. In addition, buffalo milk is high in calories due to its high fat content. Cow’s milk is high in water, low in fat and 90% of milk is made up of water. While buffalo milk contains more minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Based on the nutrients, we will know here what is the difference between the two.


Cow’s milk has less fat than buffalo’s milk. This is the reason why buffalo milk is thicker than cow’s milk. Cow’s milk contains 3-4% fat, while buffalo’s milk contains 7-8% fat.


Buffalo milk contains 10 to 11 percent more protein than cow’s milk. Due to its high protein content, buffalo milk is not recommended for young children and the elderly.


Buffalo milk is low in cholesterol so it is excellent for people who suffer from PCOD, hypertension, kidney problems and obesity.


Buffalo milk is high in calories, as it is high in protein and fat. A cup of buffalo milk has 237 calories, while a cup of cow’s milk has 148 calories.


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