Corona virus found in ice cream in China; Doddham in China’s administration: Panic erupts over fears of corona spread

Corona germs have also been found in ice cream made in China, which has caused a stir in the health department, as the company that has seen the presence of corona in ice cream is more likely to spread corona again among people who eat ice cream, not in northeastern China. The local department has been alerted after three samples of locally made ice cream corona were found infected in the Tianjin area.
According to a report in China Daily, Daqiaodao Food Company here was infected with 4836 boxes of corona out of which 2089 were sealed in storage but shockingly, 1812 boxes were sent to other states and 935 ice cream packets reached the local market out of which 65 Packets of ice cream were sold. Meanwhile, 1662 employees of the company were ordered to go into self-isolation and the test proceedings have started. Efforts are being made to prevent the spread of the infection by gathering information from traders and others who came in contact with the packets, said Dr Stephen Griffin, a virologist at the University of Leeds, who tested positive for ice cream. He said it was more likely that this was due to a production plant and that it was possible that hygiene in the factory had not been taken care of.
He further said that ice cream is kept at a cold temperature and it increases the chances of the virus surviving and consequently it is necessary to stop the virus from spreading.

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