CORONA: Scientists and Specialists Concerned / Trump Pushes for Vaccine Approval

In the run-up to the US election, President Donald Trump has stepped up pressure on health officials to find a quick cure for the disease. Scientists worry that Trump could push for the vaccine to be approved before the election. He has previously ordered the treatment of virus victims with plasma therapy despite the disagreement of experts. Experts believe that government pressure may reduce people’s confidence in the vaccine. The president was extremely eager a few days before the Republican National Convention in August. He and his colleagues wanted to show that the White House is taking swift action in the fight against the virus. Blood plasma of recovered patients was asked to be used in the treatment of sick people. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) withheld treatment for about two weeks. He lamented that the therapy was not effective. On Wednesday, August 19, Trump met with NIH Director Dr. Calling Francis, he said it should be done by Friday.

This did not happen until Friday. The Food Drug Administration did not review the critical data to allay suspicions. However, on Sunday night before the convention, the president announced the FDA’s approval. Plasma therapy will be widely used, he said. This will reduce deaths by 35%. On the night of the announcement of plasma therapy, Dr. Collins was called to the White House. They were sent to the Roosevelt Room. Trump and his officials, on the other hand, were talking to reporters in the briefing room. Dr. Collins and a senior FDA official, Dr. Peter Marx was watching the president and government officials claim that plasma therapy was effective. After the announcement, Dr. Collins was leaving the White House. Trump fears political damage for failing to control the coronavirus. Aath, now they are taking the initiative to make vaccines and cures available to Americans quickly. Government scientists-pharmaceutical companies have taken unusual steps to remove the notion that public health is at stake for political reasons. FDA Commissioner Dr. Han has said that any vaccine will get the green light only after the approval of an advisory committee of outside experts. As such, the conflict will escalate.

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