CORONA EFFECT: Railways had to pay Rs 72 crore refund for first time in 167 years

For the first time in the 167-year history of the railways, the railways have suffered more from refunds to passengers against ticket booking revenue. From April to August 20, the railways in the division, including the Ahmedabad station, earned Rs 48 crore from ticket bookings. Passengers have been paid Rs 72 crore for canceling their tickets. Thus, the railways have to pay an additional refund of Rs 24 crore against the ticket booking revenue. In the first quarter of April-June of the current financial year, the country lost Rs 1,066 crore due to higher refunds. According to a railway official, passenger trains across the country have been suspended since March 22 following the Corona epidemic. Passengers are being given a refund in stages by canceling all the tickets of the passengers when the trains are closed. In April and May, Rs 39.92 crore was refunded for tickets booked online by the railways, despite the closure of trains. While the railways have started operating special trains on the country’s preferred route from June 1, its booking has started. The Ahmedabad division earned Rs 47.84 crore from ticket bookings from June 1 to August 20, as it continued to issue refunds to passengers of canceled regular trains. A refund of Rs 32.01 crore has been paid against him.

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