Corona cries in the world: Terror in Brazil kills 1386 patients in 24 hours

New Delhi: The Corona virus, which originated in China, has caused outcry around the world. Corona virus has been in China for more than a year. Then slowly Corona terrorized the whole world and claimed millions of lives. Now the corona virus has spread to the South American country of Brazil.

In 24 hours, 1386 corona patients died in Brazil and 61,602 new corona patients were registered in 24 hours. Due to Coronana’s incomprehensible situation, Britain and the United States are currently vaccinating.

Today, the number of cases worldwide is 11,45,45,709. The Corona still holds the whole world in its stride. At one time Brazil was on the verge of becoming Corona-free, but now another wave of Corona has created a terrible situation in Brazil.

On the other hand, the number of corona cases in the world today has reached 1,45,45,709. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the emergency use of Johnson & Johnson’s covid vaccine. This is the third vaccine used in the United States to prevent coronavirus.

The royal family has also been appealing for more and more people to be vaccinated in Britain. The United States and Britain are currently in the process of vaccinating more and more people to reduce the risk of corona. Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, has imposed a seven-day lockdown.

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