Cooking gas prices rise again by Rs 25, disrupting housewives’ budgets

New Delhi: In the month of February, housewives have been hit by inflation three times. A few days ago, the oil companies had increased the price of a bottle of cooking gas by Rs 50. Now, the oil companies have increased the price by Rs 25, disrupting the budget of housewives. The price of 1412 kg LPG cylinder has been increased by Rs 25. However, the price of a 19-kg commercial cylinder has been reduced by Rs 4.

Cooking gas prices are usually reviewed at the end of the month and prices are reduced. But cooking gas prices have been raised for the third time in February. The rise in domestic cooking gas prices by Rs 75 in a single month has also raised concerns.

The price of a domestic gas cylinder has gone up sharply, but the price of a 19-kg commercial cylinder has come down by a modest Rs 4.5. It was priced at Rs 1,717.50 on February 15, which has been reduced to Rs 1,713. The price of this cylinder has been fixed at Rs 1727 on February 3.

It is worth mentioning that recently cooking gas cylinders are used in every household from town to village. Recently, the government has increased the price of LPG by Rs 50. Since then, the price of a 14.2-kg unsubsidised LPG cylinder has gone up to Rs 769. This is the second increase in gas cylinder prices this month. The price of cooking gas has been hiked by Rs 25 first and then by Rs 50.

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