Co-creator coy on future of HBO Max series

Season 4 of Search Party is over but HBO Max fans have wasted no time in asking for season 5. However, co-creator Charles Rogers is keeping tight-lipped.

In January 2021, Search Party returned to HBO Max for its highly anticipated fourth season.

However, the tenth and final episode of season 4, released on January 28th, has left fans with plenty of questions.

Most notably, whether or not Search Party will return to HBO Max for season 5.

Search Party season 4 on HBO Max

Search Party season 4 began releasing on HBO Max on January 14th, 2021.

The fourth season sees Dory snatched away from her friends and abducted by the psychotic Chip Wreck who has an unhealthy obsession with Dory, to say the least.

Episodes were released in three batches and the final four instalments dropped on January 28th, with several mind-bending twists and turns leaving fans with plenty to get their heads around.


Will Search Party return for Season 5?

  • The fate of Search Party is unkown.

That’s because HBO Max has not renewed the series at the time of writing and, on top of that, Search Party hasn’t officially been cancelled either.

Instead, much like Dory in season 4, fans must wait patiently for new scraps of information to emerge.


Search Party co-creator coy on season 5 hopes

If fans are hoping that Search Party’s creators could offer a hint about the future of the series, they have another thing coming.

Speaking to Decider about the ending of season 4 and the possibility of season 5, Search Party co-creator, Charles Rogers, said:

“It was extremely tricky. It was probably the trickiest creative process we’ve had with writing Search Party is, “how Season 4 should end.” It is really hard to talk about because the ending is so definitive, but like all the season cliffhangers, it raises questions.

“We like that there’s closure around what happened to Dory in this season and there’s this big emotional, conceptual thing in the final [episode] of Dory integrating with all her different sides, and how there’s some kind of peace she’s come to internally on the other side of that. But, that isn’t to say… That raises questions as well.”

Charles Rogers’ comments hint that there is indeed an appetite to continue the series but that the ball is firmly in HBO Max’s side of the court.

Search Party season 4 is now available to stream in-full on HBO Max after the final four episodes released on January 28th, 2021.

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