Chinese fighter jets, which entered Taiwan’s border, had the ability to drop atomic bombs …

China Taiwan Taking once again their own Adodai Has been exposed. Which has increased tensions in the area. Even on Sunday after Saturday, China illegally infiltrated and violated the rules by sending its warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace. After which the Taiwan Air Force also moved and chased the Chinese planes. It also warned China of retaliation for air violations.

First 8 and now 15 jets sent

After the retaliatory action of the Taiwan Air Force, the Chinese planes flew back to their border. Earlier in the day, China fired eight HK-6 nuclear bombers at its border with Taiwan. When about 15 fighter jets were sent on Sunday. This is the first time China has made such a move in the United States since the formation of the Biden government. This is likely to increase tensions in the area.

China considers Taiwan its share. China has sent its fighter jets to Taiwan and Paratus Island almost daily in the past few months. Mostly he only flew 1-2 times a day. According to Taiwan, flying a nuclear bomber is not a common occurrence. It has also activated Taiwan’s air defense missile system. The US State Department has appealed to China to stop putting pressure on Taiwan. China urges Taiwan to end military, diplomatic, economic pressure and negotiate.


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