China’s military claims to be the most powerful in the world, but lost to a smaller country, Vietnam.

China’s People’s Liberation Army considers itself the world’s most powerful. The Chinese army was defeated by a small country like Vietnam in 1979. The Chinese military, which is loyal to the political party, does not specialize in high-tech skills. Not too skilled at meeting challenges. Yet it scares India. India is scared of it. Even though BJP leader Narendra Modi has visited China 14 times, he does not dare to attack China.

Kills soldiers by seizing Indian land. The Communist Party of China does not abide by all international norms, including the Indo-Pacific region. The Chinese Communist Party is adversely affecting the global community and its values. All countries are concerned. The last few months have seen Chinese violence on the world’s borders. Ballistic missiles were deployed in the South China Sea. The nations claiming the South China Sea are under constant threat. Taiwan was warned of military action. The shipwreck was spotted near Senkaku Island in Japan.

The Chinese military has 2 million personnel. Of these, 50 per cent are infantry, 12 per cent naval and marine, 20 per cent air force, 6 per cent rocket force, 8 per cent tactical support force and the remaining 4 per cent joint logistics support force. Despite such a large force, questions have been raised about the capabilities of Chinese troops. PLA soldiers equipped with sophisticated equipment are not very adept at high technical skills.

The war on the border between China and Vietnam lasted for 29 days from 17 February 1979 to 16 March 1979. China invades Vietnam. There was a shortage of troops and weapons in Vietnam during the war. But 20,000 Chinese soldiers were killed. However, China has always claimed that only 6,000 of its soldiers have been killed. Vietnam also suffered a lot in the war.

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