China offers Iron Man suit to protect soldiers from cold, fails in US

China has provided Iron Man suits to soldiers to protect them from the cold and make them better equipped. This is not the first time in the world that soldiers have been given iron suits. This is because the United States and Russia have previously worn iron suits or power suits for soldiers. In addition to China, America’s biggest competitor, Russia has also made Ironman suits. According to a report in the Eurasian Times, the United States began making this power suit. Russia, however, found success. Russia ran an entire program in the army in the name of Rantik, a warrior, and many soldiers wore Ironman suits.

The suit was also used by Russian troops in Syria

It is said that Russian soldiers in Syria also started using this suit. In which intelligence engineering was used, this suit is not battery operated but is made of spring. Soldiers do not feel any load after wearing this suit. The U.S. military has long been involved in power suits since 2013, before Russia. The purpose was to make such clothes. Which is not affected by gunshots or bombs. Sensors are installed to detect enemies and all weapons can be easily placed in this cloth. There was also a plan to put bullet and bomb proof helmets for head protection and a communication system for communication. The U.S. military used a battery system.

But it was heavy. And in a short time it was useless. About 80 80 million was invested in research behind the program. But even after five years, it was not successful and in 2019, the entire program was considered a failure and was shut down. Keeping in view the winter, this suit also has a hit source. If the soldiers have to walk long distances, they also have such a facility. There is a breath protection device to protect a soldier if he is caught in a chemical attack. Which provides radiological and chemical protection.


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