China leads after Russia: Corona vaccine to be given to common people in November

Russia and China have overtaken the US, Europe, Asia and India. Corona vaccine, made in China, may be available to the general public in November. The Chinese 4 corona vaccine is in the final stages of clinical trials. The use of three corona vaccines has been approved for those involved in essential services. This is allowed under the ‘Emergency Use Program’. The program began in July. Vaccine Phase-3 trials are easily underway and the vaccine may be available to the public in November or December. Guizhen Wu also said that he was vaccinated in April. But he had no trouble in the last month. However, he did not say what vaccine he took. The Chinese company SinoPharm and SinoVac Biotech are developing three vaccines under China’s Emergency Use Program. A fourth vaccine has been developed by Cancino Biologics, which has been approved for use by the Chinese military. The Chinese military has been using the vaccine since June.

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